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Rally The Troops

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Rally The Troops
Chad Hollingsworth
7105 Catherine Drive
Fairview, TN 37062



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Our Mission

Rally The Troops is a ministry devoted to seeing the Body of Christ coming together in unity in order to glorify the Father. The Church has long been divided and separate. Denominationalism has divided the Body of Christ and decreased our effectiveness. Instead of celebrating what makes the Baptists better than the Methodists, or saying the "___ denomination" is the only true way, we should view our differences as the arms and legs, eyes and ears of the Body of Christ. Denominationalism is only wrong when it is taught or celebrated over the beauty of the complete and unified Body of Christ. We, as a body of believers, must lay aside our foolish disputes and seek unity. We are one body of many members and can act in unity as Christ prayed. Jesus prayed in John 17 that we would be one as He and the Father are one. Without a commitment from the Body of Christ to mighty Jehovah first, and quickly followed by a commitment to encourage and bless one another, the world will never see the changing power that lies in the person of Jesus Christ.

So what is the answer, you ask?

It is the belief of RTT that the "Church" will see and experience a revolution when whole individuals, with separate gifts and abilities, unite as one in prayer, devotion and service. We are called to "Be the Revolution", not just be a part of it. Join with us today in changing our world by changing yourself! Press into the depth of God. Love one another! If you come across someone in need and you can meet that need, then meet it! And as St. Francis of Aussisi said, "Preach the gospel always. Use words when necessary." Beloved, the only thing holding the Church back from being the beautiful bride that Christ desires is ourselves! Prepare for our bridegroom. And,

Live the Life!